10 April ~ Just help yourself...AND Sailer in her "big girl seat"

I just LOVE this... I was cleaning out the fridge (it needed it desperately) and Sailer helped herself to some snacks while I was cleaning.

And then, oh sad day for me, happy day for Sailer, but we got Sailer's "big girl seat" in the mail today. She finally gets to turn around and see the road, so I'm sure she's going to go crazy tomorrow on our road trip. We did a lot of research on this and ultimately, decided on this one! It's by Recaro who makes racing seats... so her daddy is clearly thrilled! And it is also the most highly ranked one on the market so that makes her mommy happy.... she, on the other hand, could probably care less! (=

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Anonymous said...

My husband would be so proud of you with that carseat!!!
{he is a firefighter!}