11-13 April ~ Sailer's First Hill Country Getaway

I love going to Fredericksburg, Texas. It's been sort of a thing my family does together- it started with my grandparents, then, my mom, and now me. It's tranquil and refreshing, but at the same time, it has tons to do and see (and buy)! I love how so much of the town is untouched or at least refurbished to its original beauty. The food was wonderful and I think Sailer enjoyed it (especially all of the puppies). The slideshow gives a few shots of our trip....from stopping in Salado, another one of my faves, Main Street Fredericksburg, and then, finally our last dinner at the Herb Farm. the coolest thing about the Farm is that the herb garden is grown in the shape of a star for Texas, and everything they serve utilizes something straight from their garden. Needless to say, it was incredible! Now I just have to talk Mark into going down there with me for the weekend to hit up some more of the vineyards!

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Susan said...

Love your pictures from Fredricksburg - looks like Sailer enjoyed the trip and she's as beautiful as ever. Can't believe how she's grown! Congrats on being on the design team - your layouts are always amazing and you deserve it!