10 Nov ~ Storytime and Good Ole Fashion Hot Chocolate

There's nothing I love more on a rainy day like today than to curl up with a latte and a good book... so Sailer and I headed off to Barnes & Noble early this morning to pick up both. While we were there we went to storytime which Sailer always loves. I really want my children to be book lovers like their mama.... and so far, so good. Every night before bed (and several times throughout the day), we have to read ALL of Sailer's books. Right when you say "the end," she jumps up from my lap and yells "book" and points at another one. I've finally had to implement the "one more book" rule or I'd be up all night! When I first found out I was pregnant with S, I went out and bought all of the classic children's books I grew up loving...but Sailer's favorite series is Fancy Nancy. I have them memorized after reading them so many times. Although they're not the classics I had envisioned, I think they're great for vocabulary enhancement (for example, my 1 1/2 year old knows "zure" (translation- azure) is also blue.) Anyway, today was extra special for Miss. S because a new Fancy Nancy book was just released and even more exciting is that it's formed in the shape of a purse! Sailer went NUTS!!! Everyone in B&N knew some little girl somewhere was ecstatic. Here's a pic of Sailer at storytime, she's in her sweats and uggs just like her mama!

The other big event of the day was Sailer tasted her first cup of hot chocolate... "num num"!!!! She loved it! Unfortunately, she got so excited and wanted to drink it so quickly, she dumped a good amount on her shirt as well. Everyone in Starbuck's was having a ball just watching her drink it.

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