11 Nov ~ Bubble Affair

OK- so Sailer has learned a new word this week... "mouse" (with not a lot of "s" in it). Anyway, if anyone has been around her for a second, you'll know she is absolutely enamored with all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It started almost a year ago...thought it would be a phase... and it is still going strong. The bad thing with the actual learning of the word is that she now DEMANDS "Mouse" ALL day! And when I say all day, I mean all day! My child who usually loves to color, play outside, read, etc, the one that watched MMC once in the morning while waking up and eating her breakfast now wants to just veg in her chair (Minnie of course) and watch episode after episode. She doesn't even move a muscle... except to start whining when she hears the "hot dog" song which signifies the ending of the show. I refuse, I refuse, I refuse to give in. SOOOOO.... that means mommy has to think of all kinds of things to do outside or away from the house so as to not tempt fate of Sailer seeing the TV. This sounds easy in theory, but this means nothing gets done inside the house!!

Today after a walk, we got our chalk and bubbles and camped out on the front porch. She now has to hold the wand herself thus very few bubbles ever form.

Our other new fave thing to do is sing Old MacDonald had a farm (ok, Sailer's fave thing to do, not Mommy's).... she just catches up on the "e-i-e-i-o" part and giggles while mommy sings the rest. But after, we go through all the animals, I ask her what sounds they make, and she can mimic them for me without prompting. The cutest ones are the kitty b/c she has the sweetest "meow" you've ever heard and the lion... just b/c it's hilarious to hear her try to sound ferocious. She's also got down all her body parts, but what's funny is once you start the game "where's your...", you can tell she's just patiently waiting for the best one.... "Sailer, where's your belly button?" And this is what you get. She loves it! Sadly, she now tries to show everyone their own belly button. The giggle photo is her right after trying to fine mine....

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