18 Dec ~ Sailer's Winter Wonderland

Today was Sailer's Holiday Party... since it's a Christian school, the theme couldn't revolve around Santa, so I went with a snowflake/winter wonderland theme. Aren't they adorable in their snow hats and scarves...I can't believe they actually kept them on! Anyway, I included pictures of the decorations (got to use the monogrammer again...yippee!) which I had such a good time doing and several of Sailer's school pals.


Lyss said...

Tara, you really did a great job and made such a memorable day for all of us. Thank you so much for the outrageous party and awesome gifts. You are truly gifted and so giving! BTW- nice pic of me in the background with Jacob asleep on my shoulders!

TEAMMA said...

i want a monogramming machine !!!!!