MJEC Christmas Party

..... On to the second party I got to help plan for the day. Tonight was Mark's company's party. We've had it at our house in the past, but since my house is far from company ready, we decided to do it up at Timarron. PERFECT idea! So much easier and the space was perfect for the theme.... Vegas, baby! With prizes ranging from IPODS to spa days to rock band, cameras, etc., there was much to gamble for. I stuck mostly with the Blackjack tables, but we had craps, roulette, texas hold 'em for the more adventurous. It was SO much fun. Lots of good food, drinks and friends. Oh, and I was a big winner... I won a shuffle and the spa day (which is a little unfair since Mark was sweet and got me a big gift certificate when he picked that one up). (=

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