26 1/2 weeks

So this is a picture of me today... 26 1/2 weeks and counting! Through Christmas, I still wasn't really showing, but as of the last 2 weeks, I've started to "pop." I never knew whether to believe those who said they could tell that they were carrying differently with different children, especially different genders. BUT I believe now. First, I really was all belly with Sailer- didn't really gain weight in other parts... but with this one, well, it's EVERYWHERE! I haven't gained a ton, but I just look and feel differently. OH and the really fun love handles that have somehow developed. What's that all about? There's no baby there. And this little man is way lower than Sailer. Which I'm here to tell you is a blessing and a curse in comparison. A true blessing b/c Sailer was estimated to be about 3 inches up in my rib cage, so my ribs were constantly bruised and hurting. But with him being so low, he is sitting RIGHT on top of my bladder. You can imagine why this is a negative. (= All is worth it though.... only three months to go!

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Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

You are looking great! I can relate about carrying differently and low. This baby is SO LOW. I can hardly walk at this point!