10 Jan ~ Bon Appetite

This is Sailer's kitchen that Mark finally put together tonight for her playroom. She l-o-v-e-s to pull all of her food in and out of the fridge. It's too funny. Ok, so I was pretty anal about which kitchen I wanted for her b/c I wanted it to be wooden and not plastic. And to have primary colors (preferably red) on it so it would coordinate with her playroom. I'd found one on Post Tots that we were going to get her for Christmas, but of course, they sold out and were backstocked until like August.... so I went on a hunt again. I found this one at the Land of Nod. I love it- it's kind of shabby chic, but my favorite part is the super cute little black boards on the fridge. Thanks Mimi and Grandpa!

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Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love the kitchen! Adorable colors! Ava has the pink retro Pottery Barn one, and plays with it all day long. You have to go get Sailer the "Melissa & Doug" Cookie Dough Slice & Bake roll from Learning Express. Comes with velcro cookie sheet, cookies, and "icing/sprinkles" that they can "bake." Ava plays with it CONSTANTLY!