12 Jan ~ Rockin' and Rollin' & Keeping Resolutions

As I posted earlier, one of my NY's Resolutions was to get my house in order... well, I have been rockin' and rollin'! I've gotten more done in the last week than I've probably done in the 4 months that we've been in the house. No, seriously, anyone who knows me well, knows I like to do things at as Mark calls it "Mach 9". I do not like to lolly-gag and I hate, hate, hate having a plain house- unadorned and sad. Well, for the last 4 months, I haven't seemed to care one iota about getting things done. I'm blaming it on the hormones. Well, I AM back. Hallelujah! I know I only have a short amt of time to get things kind of settled before the earth stops revolving at our house for awhile. Sooooo....this what this busy bee has been up to the last week.

I finalized baby boy's room. Ordered his bedding, found fabrics for his windows, met with the muralist that's doing his room (she's who did Sailer's old nursery), and even started painting his walls. Oh yeah, and his crib and changing table were delivered on Sat. (=

I met with muralist again for Sailer's big girl room, found some of her fabrics, had estimates for her princess wooden cornice board done, and met with the muralist about all my ideas for her room (even having ideas was a giant leap from where I was, believe me...)

Finalized my master bedroom (duvet cover, curtains, chair recovering, etc.), and have actually gotten someone else to do the grunt work of sewing them instead of poor little ole me or more likely, my sweet mom. Will hopefully be done soon and I'll post pics.

Picked out my fabrics for our family room and game room. And started a little of the process of having things made. Wahoo.

And a different muralist started painting Sailer and baby boy's play room today... going to take him 2+ weeks to finish, so I'll have to post later. I'm doing a vintage circus theme in there so it was unisex and NOT cheesy. I usually abhor primary colors, but what's a girl to do when you have to please a girl and a boy. I stick in the "vintage" so it's at least muted primary colors and drawings of real animals, not fantastical. Can't wait for him to be done.

Last but not least, the same muralist who is currently working on the playroom, painted the vault in our master bath and the dome in our master bedroom during Dec. I never got around to posting pics, but here they are. Anyway, will post more as we progress over here at Casa de Crazy.


Jennie said...

Beautiful - I love it! I can't wait to see the rest.

Jennie said...

I am so glad that you are back in the groove! There is no doubt that every room will be gorgeous! Sounds like it is time for me to plan a visit! How is a guest room progessing?

Kelly said...

LOVE the murals!! can't wait to see more!!

Nicole said...

I happened upon your blog through Fabulous K's website - and I absolutely love your taste and your new home!

I hope this doesn't sound too cheesy but your blog really inspired me. My husband is in the oil field and we are definitely praying for financial blessings on his business and our family. After looking at some of your blogs I saw how your life has changed and how it was through many prayers that you are where you are today --- This totally gave me hope that our dreams too are in God's hands and His dreams for our family are so much bigger then I can imagine.

Also, I am due with a baby girl the day after you!:)


Many Blessings in 2009!