27 Dec ~ an OK Christmas

Today we mostly hung out and relaxed at Sailer's grandpa's house... watched a little football and let Sailer entertain us. That afternoon, we opened presents, and Sailer's big present (that she didn't really know what was since we left it in the box for the trip home) was the fridge to match her kitchen at home. It's SOOO cute, and I know she's going to just love it!
But Mark was probably the most excited about his presents...Mark's dad and uncle passed down all of the antique guns from Mark's grandfather and great-grandfather. To a big hunter and a sentamentalist to boot, of course, these treasures could not have gone to a more perfect person. Mark was so touched by the gift...he's been shopping for a gun safe for awhile now and now he has no choice but to invest in one. After opening the guns, he and his dad snuck off to research safes. Good lord, they're HUGE! Ugghhhh... oh well, safety first! (=
For dinner, we all packed in the cars and headed for OKC to eat at a place where they have the #1 rated steaks in OKC. Yum-O! Got a few shots of Miss. S before we headed out...

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