Colorado- Day 1

YEAH!!! Off to Colorado we go.... I've SOOO been looking forward to this trip. December has been absolutely insane at our house. Although it's such a great time of year, Christmas and all that comes with it can really take it out of you! Especially when you're prego and want to crawl in bed at 7pm anyway. So, CO in my opinion is the perfect getaway for recuperation.
This is kind of sad b/c it means she's getting older, but Sailer, who's no stranger to airplanes, will no longer be considered a "lap child" after this trip. She was SUCH a good little girl on the plane. Just give her snacks and a little "Mouse" and she's set!

Well, for most of the day we just settled in and played around in the condo. This is a picture of the outside of the lodge and a pic of the typical living room (can you believe I forgot to take a pic of ours... but it wasn't that different).

That night we all changed and headed to Hearthstone for dinner. We ate there last year, and we knew we definitely had to return this year!! Unfortunately, the little munchkin was suffering from a little altitude sickness, so she want not at all impressed! Sailer's favorite command these days is to "sit down"... so Sailer's sweet Papa even sat down on the ground in the middle of a very nice restaurant just to try and appease the little monster. Let's just say that we didn't stay and linger after our meal. (=

Instead of hitting the town, we headed back to the condo to see if Sailer would lie down or at least stop fussing. No sleep. But what do you know...2 suckers can cure anything!

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