Colorado- Day 2

Well, Sailer and I got up early this much for sleeping in! She apparently didn't get the memo that you're supposed to cuddle up in the covers for extended amounts of time while you're on vacation. I woke up to her sweet little voice saying "mommy, mouse...mommy, mouse." How can you wake up and immediately want to watch cartoons? While we waited for everyone else to wake up, I snuck out on our patio and shot some pics of the breath-taking view.Anyway, luckily the rest of the crew woke up a little bit later and Bill cooked us up the full spread breakfast. Ever since I was pregnant with Sailer, breakfast has become my favorite meal, so I was delighted! It was awesome!! Then, Sailer and daddy got a little work done...Santa had brought Sailer some bath paints in her stocking, so we decided to try them out this morning. What a hit! She was hilarious!! It started out innocent enough, but soon, turned into an all and out body paint war. At one point, the boys came in to check out the disaster and Sailer (without any prompting) struck a pose to show off her art. The pics just don't even do it justice.While the boys watched golf and lazy-ed around the condo (oh and watched the baby), Lana and I took off shopping all afternoon. Yipppeee. I'd been dying to get back to a few stores we'd discovered last year. The town of Breckenridge has some incredible shops, and I always find tons of things I can't live without. Unfortunately, I found a lynx vest I really, really, really didn't want to live without, but alas, I guess I'd rather have new furniture so I passed on splurging. Dang... b/c it was out of this world! As I told Lana, if I could afford it, I would likely be PETAs worst enemy. Horrible, I know. But true.

That night, we met up with the boys and Sailer at Mi Casa. Another fave from last year. Can't get away without have mexican at some point! (Oh, and don't you just love her little "cupcake hat"... yet another thing I love about CO... you get to wear lots of hats!)

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