Colorado- Day 3

WOWZA, what a day!! The week before we arrived in CO, the weather was a blistering -10 degrees, so I was really praying that it would be warmer by the time we got there. And as always, my prayers were answered. It was absolutely GORGEOUS! Of course, it was colder than we are used to, but with coats and gloves, we were just fine. SOOOOOO... we thought it was a perfect time to let Sailer try out sledding. We took her last year, but given that she was only 9 months old, I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember it. (= Anyway, she LOVED it!!! She's such a daredevil, I wasn't all the surprised, but it sure made the day worthwhile. I love to see her experiencing new and fun things. Given that we live in Texas and snow is a very sparse commodity, I loved that she got to play, eat, and roll around in gobs of snow! I have so many photos of that morning, and they all make me smile. They also had a playground, which of course, she demanded to go down the slide over and over again (her daddy even joined her once or twice).

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