New Year's Eve!

Today, Mark and I snuck away and had a romantic couple's massage... awwwwww! It was definitely needed. And they were magnificent. That evening, we split up from Bill
& Lana so that we could each have a babyless NYE dinner. Our FAVE restaurant in Breck is Relish... and on NYE they do a set up prefix dinner that we just couldn't pass up. So Bill & Lana went first to enjoy the holiday and their 21st anniversary. Mark & I did want to do something fun with Miss. S for the NY since we were leaving her later, so we all got dressed up, grabbed a cocktail and took her to play all kinds of arcade games. She loved playing in her daddy's lap, but without a doubt, the biggest hit of the night was the skiball. She didn't exactly play according to the rules but she loved it regardless.When it was time for our reservation, we headed downtown to do a switcheroo with the baby.
When we entered the restaurant baby in tow, you could see the fear in the maitre'd's face. Once he found out we were just passing her off, he was much more fun. He even gave Sailer a really fancy NY's hat that matched her little party dress. Once they left, we made friends with the couple next to us...and her name was Tara too! They were crazy fun, and it made the night a blast! We ate our scrumptious dinner and then, headed out to another bar. We still had a relatively early night but it was a wonderful way to start the new year!

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