3 Jan ~ Christmas with Sailer's Grandparents

Don't you just love this... clearly, she's sick of seeing Mommy's camera all the time...Tonight we had Christmas with my dad! He and Belva headed over from Denton and we went to my favorite mexican food, Mi Cocina! NUM NUM! While we were waiting for them to arrive, Sailer played hard with her Uncle Rhett. They were so funny... she LOVED for him to throw her up in the air, and when he'd set her back down, she'd just stand right in front of him with her arms raised for another turn. Sucker...

Sailer's big gift from her grandparents is a surprise and isn't done yet, but they did give her this play set that she has not stopped playing with constantly (2 days later!)
Playing with Nana Belva and her new Rhino handmade and sold at her grandpa's church by missionaries. Super cute.

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