Colorado- Day 5

I was SO sad to leave today! This trip was just what we needed... a lot of family time just relaxing and doing a lot of nothing! Doesn't hurt that it was in a BEAUTIFUL place w/ fun things to do and wonderful places to stuff our faces. Oh well, real world hits! Bummer.

Just had to end with these pics of Sailer and her suitcase. When we were in the airport, people just stopped and stared at her. She was so cute, and looked so "big" carrying pulling her own bag.

That evening we had the Mackies over for a little playtime. This is the only pic I took,but it's pretty dang funny. I call it "Bubba Hope"...

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Tamara said...

I love that b/w image of her..gorgeous! I have pics of Gracie at about the same age pulling her own little suitcase on our way to Disney..sniff...they grow up waayyy too fast!