Christmas Day Morning

With all of the family over last night and again tonight, we decided to see what Santa left and enjoy a family breakfast together just the three of us for the morning. We slept in (well, as late as you can with a toddler), put breakfast in the oven (breakfast enchiladas for Mark and french toast casserole for Sailer and me), and then, headed to the tree to see what Santa had brought. Of course, 99% of what was under the tree was for our spoiled little princess, and then, a few things for her parents and even some for Baby James #2. She loved her new art table, the piggie bank was a definite hit, and of course, she loved all of her Disney pals... just to name a few of Santa's goodies. Since Sailer got TWO kitchens for Christmas, we also got her a bunch of accessories for them. There was a lot of banging of pots and pans!
And my sweet hubby actually totally surprised me with something this year... the big joke at our house is that Mark can NEVER keep a secret. For ex, this year he finally was able to get me the infamous Scotty Cameron My Girl putter that I've been coveting for three years now! I got the only one in North Texas so it really was super exciting for me. And it was just meant to be mine, since it's the limited edition Fleur de Lis series (totally up my alley, as I always gravitate to anything with a dang fleur de lis on it). HOWEVER, Mark was so excited, he couldn't help but give it to me early, so the allure was a little lacking as a Christmas gift. Therefore, he decided to come up with a real surprise for me to open.... I can't believe he even knows what these are, but he went to the Jimmy Choo store and bought me this fabulous pair of alligator skin stilettos! I'm still in shock... it was a true surprise and an over the top fabulous gift for this shoe-a-holic! (= We then, headed to Sailer's table to enjoy a little family breakfast together. (And yes, Daisy had to be seated at the table.)Then, we got our warm clothes on, and headed out for Sailer's big present.... her swingset!! Talk about a happy little girl. She, of course, loved the swings but I think her fave part was the baby slide. We didn't let her go on the big one goes super fast and that scares mommy!

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Jaime said...

looks like a perfect little Christmas! can't believe she is old enough to play kitchen! ahh