Christmas Eve 2008

Today was Christmas Eve, and what a fun-filled day! We got up early and ran a few errands while others cleaned my house (hallelujah!) I had enough to do to prepare for a feast for 16 at our house than worry about all of Sailer's messes. (=
That afternoon we attended the Christmas Eve Children's Service at WCUMC, so that Sailer could be a part of the actual service. They do such a great job of incorporating all ages. And Sailer did awesome!Then, we came home as people were starting to arrive. We hosted both Mark's and my family, as well as some close friends. I loved having that many people over to celebrate! Unfortunately, my sweet dining table only seats 8, so we created a giant dining room table in our foyer for the whole crew. It's gotten to be somewhat of a tradition in our family to do mexican on Christmas Eve (specifically smoked tamales thanks to Tim & Lisa), and as always, the food was delicious!
We opened a slew of gifts, of course, but Sailer's fave of the night seemed to be the possessed baby. I say possessed b/c it talks at the slightest movement, and honestly, freaks you out a little. Anyway, I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate than tonight.

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Jaime said...

We have the same possessed baby :) It was heaven when the batteries died, but Kaitlyn didn't let us go for long. She is talking again!