12-15 Mar ~ "Old Friends are the Best Friends"

On Thursday, one of Mark's very best friends from high school along with his sweet family came to stay with us for a long weekend.... they've known each other for over 20 years so it was hilarious to listen to them tell stories on one another. We did a lot of eating, relaxing, playing, shopping, golfing, rock band-ing, bounce-housing, etc.... oh, and their precious little boy got his very first big boy haircut (as Shanna said, I was learning vicariously through her for Lincoln (= ). Isn't he a doll baby? As for Sailer, she was luckily feeling way better than she has been, but she did have a small "sharing" problem with Brady. They finally compromised by her sitting in the stroller and him pushing her around. I didn't grab a lot of pics from the weekend (what is my problem these days?!?!?), but here are a few:


Anonymous said...

they look familiar!
James and Shanna

James and Shanna said...

What adorable pics of the kids. I hope you are feeling good and anxiously awiating little Lincoln!! I can't wait to see pics of him.