The "Baby [is] Stuck"

When Sailer was asked where the baby was, she told us he was "stuck." She has no idea how right she is.... I went to the doc yesterday, and there was absolutely NO progress!!!! I couldn't believe it. I've had so many contractions and just FEEL like it's "time" with every passing day. Oh well. He'll come soon, right??

In the meantime, I've decided to take a sweet friend of mine's advice... "just look at this time as somewhat of a gift. you get a few more days to just enjoy sailer and mommy time alone. it won't ever be just the two of you again like this so value it" (and believe me, this is so not easy for me to do with my toes starting to swell, my lower back feeling like it's been hit by a baseball bat, and my pelvic bone feeling like it might shatter at any moment, but who's counting). But that's what I'm going to really, really, really try to do.


Carmen said...

LOL!!! That Sailer is too funny, do enjoy your last few "only one child" days T!

kinsey said...

maybe he'll come on the's a GREAT birthday ;-)