2 May ~ Cribs, Baths & Good Friends

This is Lincoln's bassinet that's in our room for him to sleep in before moving upstairs to his nursery. It was one of my "projects" before he was born... I found this picture of a silk bassinett on PoshTots and of course, it was a gazillion dollars more than it was worth. And I knew I could sew something like it, so I bought a bassinett and the silks that matched our bedding and voila! Today I found my sweet little first born trying to crawl into bed with her baby, so I put her up there for awhile.
And tonight, Mr. L got his first bath... NOT a fan!

And getting dressed for company... (thanks Aunt Tiff for the cutie outfit)

Tonight the Mackies brought over dinner and it was so nice to have Hope there to entertain Sailer. I know she's missed playing and you could tell!! This is a pic of them setting up their nursery and getting ready to feed their babies. Too cute.And I'm SO embarressed, but I snuck off at one point in the night to feed Lincoln, and this is the snapshot Mark got of me. I totally fell asleep when I went to burp him!! I guess I hadn't realized how tired I really was.

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Nicole Fields said...

Oh my goodness...look at all that hair. He is so cute. Ok, let me know when I can come meet this little guy!