3 May ~ Dr's Appt and Meeting Mur & Pom

This morning we had to take Lincoln back to the hospital for his checkup... unfortunately, he'd lost 11% of his birth weight (the max they like to see is 10%), so we have to return tomorrow to have him reweighed. The likelihood for this is that my milk hasn't come in yet, so here's hoping it does soon.

Can you tell this little man's mama was excited to buy blue when she found out he was going to be a little boy? Good lord...
This afternoon, Mur & Pom (along with Uncle Rhett) came over to meet Mr. L and watch the Mavs game. And of course, Sailer had lots of playtime with them. This is one of my favorite things- the fact that Sailer is getting to know her great grandparents and vice versa b/c they were like my second parents growing up. I feel so sorry for kids who don't have incredible grandparents b/c it's one of the greatest gifts in the world.

And one last picture of Lincoln and his greatest fan:

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