4 May ~ My little fish

Sailer wanted to help her little brother get ready for the day, and apparently thought his hair wasn't curly enough, so she put in her velcro rollers to help.
Although I know this wasn't the greatest of timing (when I signed her up a few months ago, I assumed the little man would've long been here), Sailer is taking a private week long crash course on swimming. She was NOT pleased to be on her back in the water, but eventually got used to it. I got a shot of Sailer in her Minnie swimsuit strutting around beforehand.
Learning to crab walk around the edge:
And of course, the picture of her pretty much saying "seriously, mom, a bunny???"
Tonight, the Jenkins came over bearing yummy fajitas and their two little squirts. Amy and I have always been pregnant at the same time, and it makes me so excited that our four will grow up together. We've pretty much already paired Sailer and Grady off whether they like it out not. (= Aren't these cute pics of the two daddys and their new sons:

Princess Grady:
Love these two!

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