29 April ~ Our little baby boy is FINALLY here!

Well, today was finally the day! Not quite what I'd planned (is it ever?), but nonetheless magical. As most of you know, I was terrified of the whole inducement process, but now looking at it from the other side (and b/c everything turned out ok), it wasn't so bad after all. In fact, after making 3 unnecessary trips to the hospital, it was somewhat of a relief to check in and know they were undoubtedly going to keep me this time.(= Anyway, the shortened version of the day is that we checked in at 7am, started the drip at around 7:30, and had my water broken around 9:30. Strangely enough, I did not progress quickly at all! In fact, at noon, I was still barely at a 5... I went way faster with Sailer. After this check was when I started to panic...I just kept thinking they were going to start suggesting C-section for failure to progress (you hear that term all of the time), so I literally stopped and prayed for God to bless us with some major progress and in a speedy manner. About an hour later, I started feeling MAJOR pressure you know where, so I called the nurse and said they might want to check things out. She did and simply looked at me and said "it's time to push"! WOW- he answers prayers fast. 5 cm in an hour after it took almost 5 hours to only advance almost 3! But I digress... when they started to prep me for the pushing phase, I noticed I could still "feel" somewhat on my lefthand side. Not too bad but I could feel all of the pressure whereas my right side was completely numb. It remained this way throughout the delivery (which only required 3 contractions worth of pushing). One of my other greatest fears about the whole birthing process is that my epidural wouldn't work properly, but it actually was pretty neat. I say this probably b/c it wasn't that painful... but I actually knew what was going on. I knew when he crowned, I knew when his head was fully out, I knew when he was actually born... all of this was so amazing! With Sailer, they told me to push, I did, and they handed me a baby. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have it this way than enduring the whole "process", but I'm glad it happened the way it did and I got to experience some of the birth. For as much as I complain about being pregnant and for him being late, etc., I'm in awe of the gift we're given to actually bring life into this world. And of course, I think he's perfect! A healthy boy who looks JUST like his daddy. I love him more than words can say already...isn't it amazing when they hand you that little baby and you just instantly know he's yours and your life will never be the same?

Enough sentimental blubbering, here are a few pics from the day....

Starting the "drip" to get this show on the road....not gonna lie, a little freaked out right here:
Sailer (in her "I love my little brother" get-up) coming to visit her mommy while she waits:
My face when they said it was time to finally start pushing:
Trying to get the little stinker to cry:
Finally meeting my little angel for the first time...man, my cup truly ranneth over at that moment:
Our first "family photo":
Sailer meeting her little brother for the first time:
And our wonderful doctor:
Mommy & Sailer time...
Lincoln's first bath & footprints... and Sailer overseeing "her baby" to make sure he was ok:

Just a few sweet images:


mademoisellechitchat said...

Good LORD, woman, your makeup is impeccable throughout the entire procedure! You looked beautiful.

The baby resembles your husband. Those dimples are precious.

I love the picture of you seeing the baby for the first time. Don't we serve an awesome God?

Lyss said...

I love hid dimples and you are so blessed with a good baby, although, I think all babies and children are good. Love your updates, great photos and so good to hear it all went so well- yay!!!

The DG Family said...

Congratulations to your family, glad to hear that everything went well for mommy and baby. He is precious. You are right in that your life will never be the same :)