31 May ~ A day full of great family memories...

The kids and I got up early while daddy slept in (no, I'm not bitter (= ), so Sailer and I tried on her new hat from the game and played with Lincoln. I think it's so funny that Sailer can be so rough with him (though I try hard to avoid this), he just takes it and never cries. He stares at her as if he really does know she loves him.

Today we braved church with Lincoln, and he did wonderfully... not a peep even when the music got super loud. I had to grab a shot of him from his first visit to church. Doesn't he look so sweet.

After lunch, we headed to Keller Fest with the kids and Nana & Papa. Though it was pretty toasty, Sailer loved it! The phrase I hear the most these days is "just one more...." and she points and shakes her finger at me. It's so stinkin' cute and usually hard to resist. Well, this afternoon, we heard it over and over. She stayed on the carousel and demanded "just one more" over and over. And then, as we progressed to fishing, she just wanted to fish for "just one more" shark so many times, we won several stuffed prizes! The last pic is of her meltdown when it was finally the last time. (=

Growing up in Fort Worth, the Colonial tournament is always a big deal...here's my two favorite guys doing male bonding while Lincoln "watched" his first Colonial tournament.

Sailer's nana and papa surprised her with a new swing in the backyard, which will be nice for me to have a break from pushing on our swing at the house. (=

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mademoisellechitchat said...

This is a beautiful picture of your husband and son.

I am lovin' the orange! Your hat is killer. ;)