4 June ~ "Adios" and hello new baby

As I've already said, Sailer started her new school this week. I know this probably sounds crazy, but I worry constantly about Sailer's learning, schools both for now and in the future, etc. It's just that I believe a strong foundation is crucial, and I want to do everything I can for her to succeed later. Well, I researched pretty much every school around, went and visited them, talked to other parents, etc.... and everyone I spoke with (and what I saw) pointed me to a little school called Reading Friends this year. All the parents rave about it and their curriculum & results are extremely impressive. Anyway, I'm used to getting a little "progress" report each day since that's what they did at her school this past year, so Mark & I totally ripped open her backpack to see what they'd sent home. Nothing. Second day- just fun stuff was sent home. Again, nothing about what they'd done, etc. Totally disappointed. So I say all of this because today completely validated my choice for me. First, she RAN into school and didn't look back at her mama in the car (this was a little sad for me.) Second, when I picked her up at the end, her teacher brought her out to the car, and when the teacher waived at her, Sailer waived back and said "adios" without any prompting!! And finally, I opened up her little backpack to get her cup out and found a HUGE pack of paper of everything they'd been doing all week, a printout of the songs they'd been learning so we could practice with them (both in english and in spanish), and suggestions on how we can implement the different learning techniques at home. So although I love the language element they're introducing, they also have a program called PC Kids where they're teaching computers. When we got home I asked Sailer what different things on the computer were and she completely knew. She knows how to get to certain things already, but I thought this segment was so cool!
Tonight, we all headed over to see some of our wonderful friends and their new baby boy, Grant. We've already decided their going to be best friends. Isn't he a cutie.
And here's a pic with his sweet mama, Tracy.

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