5 June ~ Lots of Eatin' Outside

My little man decided to wake up SUPER early this morning....ok well, maybe it's just that he never really slept. So I finally just got out of bed and started the day early. I really should be frustrated, but how can you resist this little man?? (Can you tell I have a small obsession with all things monogrammed... since I obviously can't slap a bow on him, I've resorted to monogramming everything including his PJS! Jennie, I know you understand!!!) (=

This morning we went to a picnic with a Mom's League I'm in. It was at a park that I didn't even know existed, and it was AWESOME! I'm so glad we found it!!! I grabbed this photo of Sailer with my phone.
Tonight we all went to a block party and I'll have to post the pics later (they're on the Nana's camera) b/c there's a hilarious one of Sailer eating her second helping of chocolate ice cream.

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Jennie said...

Of course I understand!! I am so impressed with your alignment skills - this momma still needs some help in that area! I love Sailer's outfit - we actually have that top, but it sure doesn't fit quite yet..