6 June ~ Swimming Parties & Hard Labor!

We are about to host a party here at the house in a few weeks, so I woke up yesterday and decided we needed to repaint and texture our family room. There's nothing like the knowledge a bunch of interior decorators are going to be at your house to get you motivated to start getting things up in your house. HA! Anyway, today we (my mom and me) painted... anywho, I LOVE how it turned out!! I had a few other projects going, for ex, getting Sailer's playroom organized, so here's a pic of Sailer "helping" her daddy.
That afternoon we at least got out of the house to go to a swimming party to celebrate Sailer's sweet friends, Sophia, turning 6! Sailer LOVES big girls and S is one of her faves... luckily daddy was kind enough to spare the rest of the guests from having to endure me in a swimsuit right now.

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Good morning!

You have been featured on my blog in my "featured blog" series. ;)