9 July ~ Scary Movies and Snacktime with Friends

This morning, Sailer and I FINALLY made it to the weekly movie that we signed up for this summer. With school, activitites, etc., this is the first one we could go to. Sailer always does so fabulous during movies. It amazes me she has such a great patience, but then, again, if you're getting popcorn, candy and a Sprite at 9:30 in the morning, who wouldn't? I took this pic with my camera at one point in the movie (Kung Fu Panda) because she was absolutely cracking me up... during the fight scenese, she kept leaning over to tell me "mommy, this is scaaaary. this is scaaaary."
And then later that afternoon, she instructed me that Minnie and Daisy were hungry and needed a snack. So I gave her the bag of Goldfish and extra juiceboxes for her "friends." She proceeded to play hostess, including keeping the conversation going the whole time! Ha ha!!

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