Cute Sailerism for the week

One of my favorite parts of the day with Miss. S lately has been prayer time before bed. It totally cracks me up because you just never know what she'll say. Anyway, we read our books (lately it's been "Big Words" over and over), and once I say "The End" (to signal no more stories), she abruptly spins around in my lap with her precious little hands already clasped. One particularly night this week during her prayer, it went a little something like this:
Sailer: "Dear Baby Jesus
Mommy: thank you for
S: Papa.
M: Who else?
S: Ummmm, Papa.
M: Ok, besides Papa, what are you thankful for?
S: (with a look of frustration) Ummm, Papa, Mommy. Just Papa. K? Amen!

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