28 Aug ~ Date Night with my little Princess

Tonight was mommy-Sailer date night!! I'm really trying to spend quality time with just Sailer when I can because I'm sure the addition of Mr. Linc is far from easy for her. So tonight we headed up to Timarron and met her pal, Angelo, and his mommy for Zoo Night. The Fort Worth Zoo brought in some fun animals for the kids to see/hold, then, had a dinner and games for the kiddos.Some ugly lizard...
And my least favorite part of the night...
Hoot hoot...

And Sailer's favorite by far... this sweet little penguin almost took her finger off because when they brought them out, she ran directly towards him to give him a hug.
Sailer and Angelo pal-ing around.
Rolling around like crazies and completely entertaining themselves.

This just cracks me up- it looks like they're just hanging out like the adults.

And last but not least...my little stud muffin.

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