29 Aug ~ Just chillin'!

Today my little man turned FOUR MONTHS OLD!! I can't believe it... he's the sweetest angel ever! He smiles constantly and is always in a good mood. He eats CONSTANTLY as you can tell from those thunder thighs! My little line backer. He still doesn't sleep through the night, unfortunately, but we're working on it. (= He can roll over, likes to gurgle his spit and make fun noises, and loves his big sister even though she completely beats the crud out him. (=
Mimi came over with a fun craft for her and Miss. S to make... animal masks!
And then, Sailer was trying to teach Linc all of the animal sounds.
Tonight we headed out to play with our old neighbors who we miss so much! We all met out at Baja for dinner and then, went dancing at Chill. LOVE these girls!

And we ran into Jayla... fun surprise!
Love my hot man!

Showing off his muscles!(=

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