31 July ~ Playdates for babies and parents

Today, Sailer had her pal, Benjamin, over... and despite the major "MINES" I heard come out of her mouth, I think she loved having him come play. ESP when they brought out the tunnel, then, she kept calling him "come on benjamin, come on!"

Do you think they really can't see unless they're this close to the tv?Benjamin getting his groove on... just kidding. Don't really know what's going on here but it looked like he was dancing so it makes me laugh.
Two little hoodlums in the tunnel...

And isn't she the cutest thing ever?? This is Miss. Savannah that is a month older than Linc. One day he's definitely going to be kicking himself for sleeping through his date with her...

Anytime I go to Ella Bella these days, Sailer insists on seeing the cookie lady down the way. They LOVE her in there... which I can't decide is really fun or kind of sad. oh well... Anyway, because I knew we were leaving her that night, I ran in and grabbed one of the coveted monster cookies for her. It usually takes a few sessions to eat it all, but it's like heaven to her.

Tonight Mark and I actually got to go to dinner club this month!! With being prego, having babies, etc, we've been MIA from it for the last few months. Tonight we did it a little differently, and instead of having it at someone's home, we just all met out at Uncle Julio's to celebrate Big Hal's B-day! One of my faves... here's some of the crew.
After dinner, some of us headed over to Chill in Grapevine. Ummm... interesting "scenery" there, but fun times.
Why must our hubbies insist on throwing gang signs at every possible moment?
Cute Sailerism for the day: While Mommy and Daddy were out to dinner with friends, Mimi was coerced into, count them, THREE showings of Sleeping Beauty in a row. And during this princess marathon, there is a part in SB where the prince is trying to coax his horse into the forest with extra food and carrots, then, proceeds to get bucked off into the water. He turns around and says "NO CARROTS!" Well, Mimi and Sailer decided to start saying "No carrots, Camo, no carrots!" to our sweet dog. And I hear that now all the time. Every time Camo trots into the room. Completely makes me LOL! Silly girl...

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