Aug 1~ Welcome Home Harlee!

This morning we went to a super fun swimming party to celebrate Sailer's pal, Angelo. Now his mama likes to decorate like this mama... love it!
And because the daddy started playing bocce ball with all the guys, I got to get in the pool as far as I could with Sailer given that I didn't have a suit. Nice. Thank the Lord for sweet ladies who watched my second born or I'd have been done! I'll have to get some of the pics from them... they grabbed a bunch of Linc and Miss. Lola together (they were born a day apart).

Bocce ball in the backyard:
Sailer and the birthday boy:
Linc, "Sorry girls, I only date models." LOL!

Tonight we went over to the Mackies to take them dinner and I was dying to meet little Miss. Harlee Grace. She was born this past week and after a scary little bout, she got to come home. Had to grab a pic of my tank and this little sweetie. She's a big baby but still looks dainty next to L. Welcome home Harlee!!

And Sailer ready to go home...

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Brandi said...

your kids are soo precious!!! I have a baby boy too and I just want to eat him up. CUTECUTECUTE!!!