6 Aug ~ Panty Obsession

He's got some of his Small Paul on... but there is NOTHING small about this kid! He's my tank! LOVE HIM!!Eating one of her protein bars. It is super messy but at least it's getting some calories/protein in that little body of hers! (= I'm up for anything at this point. (PS= note the panties around her knees...more to come on that.)

Sailer's new obsession... big girl princess panties!! But as her mama, she doesn't do anything half-way. She doesn't want just one pair, she wants several... and she demands that she put them on (with no assistance from mommy.) And often she only gets her legs into one hole so they become more like a belt. Or like the above picture, she leaves them around her knees and walks around like a penguin. At one point tonight, she had on about 5 pairs. She now even wears them over her pull up and under her clothes. What a crack up!
Unfortunately, she still has to wear her pull-ups because the whole pooping thing is "SCARY"! In fact, that's the newest Sailerism... When I smell that lovely odor radiating from her little pants, I ask her, "Sailer, did you go poo poo?" And she looks at me, and says, "no, Mommy, it's gone. It's all gone." Ummmm.... Sailer, if only that were so!


Brandi said...

Love the panties!! My daughter puts on 2 or 3 pair at the same time too. FUNNY!!!!! Your kids are precious! I enjoy reading your blog.. oh love the wallet story!!

Jennie said...

Oh my gosh - you were not joking about the panties, huh?? What an adorable little collector!

Nicole Fields said...

That is too cute! That picture cracks me up! Can't wait to see you on Saturday!