4 Aug ~ "Mommy's Wallet??"

WHEWWWW- this was SOME morning. My daughter is SUCH a toot! Well, I got them up, fed, dressed, and in the car because we were supposed to meet up with Alyssa and some of her clan at the movies to see Igor. Well, I noticed my wallet was not in the diaper bag, so I ran back in thinking it must be on the counter. It wasn't. I'm desperately searching for it because the kids are in the car, we're late for the movies, etc. Well, I can't find it anywhere. I'm beyond frustrated. So I go to the car to get the kids, and I get Sailer out... she's going nuts because I've promised her a movie. And more importantly, popcorn. Well, I explain to her that we just can't go b/c I can't find my wallet to pay for the movie. She looks at me and says, "Mommy's wallet?" And proceeds to walk to her playroom, grab HER purse, and pull out my wallet. I could have KILLED her!!! IF I didn't die laughing. So because I'd promised her a movie, and we'd clearly missed ours... we went to see G Force. Ummm... we made in about 45 minutes. Not because it wasn't cute. It was. But Sailer wasn't feeling the part real/part animated movie. Oh well... she got her popcorn, so she was happy.

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