9 Aug ~ The tank's 3 month old pics

After church and naptime, my sweet friend and awesome photographer, Alyssa, came over to the house to snap some shots of the kids, specifically Mr. L to celebrate his turning 3 months old. We (meaning I) didn't do a lot of pre-planning for this session which is SO not like me, so when I was brainstorming RIGHT before she arrived... I decided I wanted a few pics of me and my little man in just normal settings. So as you can see, she took a bunch of the two of us just cuddling, playing, laughing, etc in his nursery.

This is one of my absolute faves b/c it just looks like he does all the time!

I just included this one b/c it makes me crack up... this is SO his bad hair!
I could just eat this two little precious things up? This sums up my life... the little sass that thinks she owns the world and her adoring sweet little brother just watching her in adoration.

One sweet moment...
Do you think it's a problem that I dressed my 3 month old up in a prison jumpsuit? It's cool, right?

And finally two quick shots of a normal night just playing around...

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Jenny said...

Love the pics! We'll have to compare when we have ours made in just a few weeks! So funny we have the same outfits for our kidlets:)