8 Aug ~ Big and Little People Parties (=

This morning, Sailer and I headed over to Tim and Sam's house to help celebrate their 2nd birthday! My how time flies... a cute pic or the little guys.Everyone helped open the presents..

Sailer was obsessed with this little pop up toy...

Tonight we did dinner club at Kris' house.... they hosted a shrimp boil, which was super yummy. Usually it's more to the end of the month but with school quickly approaching, this was the best time for most. I love our dinner club!
No idea what this was...but I really have a fat tongue. Gross.

The reason this picture completely makes me laugh out loud is because Kris set up a beer tasting station that had about 8 different beers you had to taste and try to guess what they were. Complete with prizes and all. Well, these two beer snobs (ie my hubby and Heather) just KNEW they were right on ALL of their tastings... as you can see they even had little conferences confirming their answers. Well, guess who DIDN'T win...um, Mark and Heather.... and who DID win??? ME! HA- it was so classic. (=

These precious little coconut snowcones did NOT make for a pretty morning for mommy. Uggghhh... they seemed so innocent!
Some of the guys playing "bags"...

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Meaghan said...

hey tara! love your blog! your kids are just beautiful! i'd love it if you showed off more of your gorgeous home!