Julie & Julia Party

Well, tonight I went to a Julie and Julia party that well.... let's just say, it makes my party planning look like child's play! The party was to kick off the opening of the movie but basically just a good excuse for a bunch of girls to get together. We all met for dinner beforehand where the hostest with the mostest served only Julia's finest.... and as you can see from the pics, in a setting fit for a wedding. Dinner was delicious of course! Here's lots of pics of the spectacular place settings (for 50 girls!)

And a pic of me and my 2 new neighbors!!

Then, we headed to actually see the movie... where we were met with saved seats and these goodies in our chairs. A+ movie watching! (= Not to mention, the movie was SUPER cute!


Brandi said...

Oh my word, that looks like so much fun!!! Isn't it fun to get together with the girls!!

Melissa Darby said...

umm...wow :)