10 Oct ~ Boo-ed

This morning we had another pool meeting, so we had to brave the cold and rain. I had to take a picture of the little lumberjack:And the little leopard cub...
tail and all.
And this afternoon, Sailer got "boo-ed" and she was completely beside herself!! First, she loves presents (um, I know... what kid doesn't?). But this little treat bag contained all of her faves, playdoh, candy, jewelry, bubbles, etc. Thanks, Ellen!
This picture is simply to document the unbelievable amount of drool this child produces... for the love! This was in a matter of minutes. Clearly, he is unphased.
Tonight we were supposed to head to supper club, but both Mark and I just didn't feel all that great. Allergies STINK! Such a bummer. Anyway, so we stayed in, grabbed takeout and the Mackies came over for a bit, so that redeemed some of our night. (= I haven't taken bath photos in awhile, so I grabbed some of the girls together.

This, however, totally makes me laugh!! I love that the two girls have their toy bones looking at Camo who's salivating over them.

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Brandi said...

I love reading your blog, your kids are alway so cute!!! Love their Cowboys' outfits!! PRECIOUS!!!!