16 Oct ~ Quadruple Date Night

I thought Sailer looked "too sweet" beside Lincoln... it looked like she was gazing down at him adoringly, so I snapped a quick pic.

Then, I turned around to find this... apparently she thinks he needs to know how to play peek-a-boo with her.Trying on her new Halloween "crown" as she calls it:
"Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day"--- ugghh, I usually adore the rain, but seriously, why does it have to rain EVERY day now that we're finally trying to dig our pool??
Linc getting dressed up for his "big date" with Lola tonight... clad in his cute little hat and "tie":

And then, Miss. S stealing my shoes... I love that shes uses her timeout chair more to try on shoes than for punishment.
Tonight we met the Rendas out for dinner, and I have to say... it was really nice. Usually with two toddlers at the table, it's disastrous because they egg each other on to get down, throw food, not eat, run around, etc. But Angelo and Sailer played SO well together... they sort of neutralized each other, so the parents could actually enjoy a little bit of adult company. (= I say it was a quadruple date night b/c the two parents, the two below, and then, Linc and Lola (who are only a day apart.)
I just love this picture because fast-forward 15 years, and they could be on a real date. Aren't they sooo cute? It's my wharped mind, I know...

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