8 Oct ~ Just Working

Sailer's new thing is to take her laptop to her Minnie chair because she's "working"... as you can see, Little Einsteins was a little more important than work this morning.She told me it was time to take her picture so we could get on our way to school... gotta love that girl! (Btw, don't you just love her new boots... I wish they came in MY size!!)
And then, my cool dude.
Sailerism: I've been just waiting for Sailer to comment on the "difference" between her and Lincoln and she's never said anything. Well, tonight we (Sailer, Linc and I) were all in my big tub taking a bubble bath together, and Sailer FLICKED Linc's pee-pee and said "mommy, mine already fell off..." Was it bad that I was laughing so hard I couldn't correct her?

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Hilary said...

Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love her in the cheerleader outfit!! clay would love to see paige in that cheering on his team. your little ones are precious!!!