7 Oct ~ Halloween Texas Style

Today was the start of the James parade of costumes... anyone who knows me knows I have a small addiction to costumes... so I've been dying for Halloween parties to start!! YEAHH... today was our first one at Sailer's sweet friend, Kate's, house. The kids (ok, Sailer) LOVED it!

In pure Texas style, Sailer and Lincoln were clad in their Dallas Cowboy get-ups.

Here Sailer was trying to help Linc get ready for the big party:And practicing her cheer:
Seriously.... WAY cuter than Romo:

Just love her and that belly (wish I could show mine off like that without any inhibition!):
Making her monster face:

And chowing down:
Sailer totally LOVES Miss. Emme:
Can you tell she was really bored?? Lol.

And her favorite "big sister," Sophie:

This poor dog had to deal with Sailer's affections pretty much the whole time:
And last but not least, my smiley little linebacker.

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