2 Oct ~ Just Killing Time

How cool is my little "ROCKER"!!

I love that she still wants to wear her panties (plural) on top and underneath her leggings.
These pictures are so very precious to me. My sweet Pom-o loves to send his great-granddaughter goodies. Today Sailer received her very own letter today in the mail. Here she's "reading" her name on the front...

And as she opened it, it was an entire envelope of stickers that her Pom-o had collected for her. she was in HEAVEN!
They were everywhere!
And today, Mr. Linc got his first turn to jump in the bounce house. I'm not sure he was a big fan...
Talk about bad hair days...

This is where he enjoyed to be... out of the way of the his crazy sister!!
It's D-DAY!!! We've been planning, designing, negotiating, etc our pool and backyard make-over since the end of JUNE, and it's finally here!!!! We are so excited! Step One:

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