3 Oct ~ Fun filled day of Crafts

If you'd seen me this day... this was a definite contradiction in terms.
It's been a very looong week at our house because we have gone nowhere! We are usually on the go, and Sailer is like her mama and can't handle to be house bound for long. We were totally stir crazy! Anyway, I just happened to have this present in the garage for a rainy day (random, i know), so during Sailer's nap, I pulled it out for her since she's been such a trooper this week.

An essential for this present...
A brand new art easel...

And a quick pic of Linc in the bath...
Mimi brought over this super fun princess book full of princess stand up dolls with interchanging clothes, accessories and scenes. I loved that she sat here forever and "played" princess.

Another fun craft for the day was making her princess pumpkin to kick off the beginning of October.

"I now reside on the front steps with mommy's pretty pumpkins...."

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