29 Oct ~ Snow White and her Dork

I'm pretty sure Linc is the coolest "accessory" in Sailer's bag this year. LOL. She takes him everywhere (like she has a choice) and so far, he's always been clad in something to match her. Today she thought it was absolutely hilarious that he was a dwarf. She loves to talk about Snow White and the 7 "dorks," so I thought it would be perfect for her class party today.
I just included this picture to show that the "little" man is almost as big as his big sister!

I get the privilege of being Sailer's room mom again this year... something I absolutely LOVE to do! No surprise I'm sure. If there is party planning involved, I am SO all over it. (= Anyway, this was their cute little table with fun little personalized buckets and spooky masks.
And thanks to my super sweet friend, Heather, I had these plates made especially for each of Sailer's friends in the class, so they'd have something tangible to keep.
We served all the faves (nuggets, fries, fruit, etc.)... but the big hit was these babies. The highly coveted monster cookies.
The whole gang:
Devouring the monster cookie.

This absolutely cracks me up... one of her buddies at school (ironically Pierce James) and she played "doctor." He gave her a check up and emphatically said, "nope, no heart beat, Say-er."
He was really serious about his exam...LOL. Isn't he adorable?!?!


Brandi said...

You plan the BEST parties!!! Who made those placemats... please share!!!! Also, love the monster cookies. AWESOME!! What a great mom you are!

aLena said...

Luv the adorable personalized Halloween plates... and all the decorations are simply fabulous!!!

James and Shanna said...

Hey, get your stethoscope off Brady's lady! J/K. Absolutely adorable!

Brandi said...

Hey! Thanks for the info. I got Addison's dress at baby GAP.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

OH. MY. GOSH. Most precious things I've ever seen in those costumes!!!