30 Oct ~ Shagfest 2009

Tonight we along with the Mackies hosted SHAGFEST 2009 at our house! It was all adult... all Austin Powers craziness... and beyond fun! Here's a little glimpse of the night.

Gangsta AP and his Fembot:The Dinner Club gals:
"the bed" we had set up in the garage

Good ole BU girlies:
Uncle Rhett and me:
Random Task and Fat Bastard:
Nat, Amanda and me:
The hosts:
Don't even know what to say about this crew... hilarious!!

All in the family:
Crazy boys:

My new mommy sistas:
And the set up...

the entry way:

The dinner table:
All the delicacies had an AP related name... for example. (=

the mini-bar
Disco Room:

complete with the liquid mojo!

just included this b/c it made me laugh... the wine stock was "Peace," "Fat Bastard" and "Menage a Trois."

The garage that we turned into a 60's dance club:

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Sally said...

wow!!! these are awesome, how fun!!!!