19 Nov ~ Reading Friends Turkey Feast

Happy ALMOST Turkey Day!!! Let me introduce you to my sweet little pilgrim babies...
And have a little glimpse at the Thanksgiving feast my sweet friend, Krista, and I put on for Sailer's class at school! Isn't it adrorable??
The cute little pilgrim hat pots used as their nameplates...
And these God-forbidden plates that took FOREVER (and then some) to make... if you can't tell, they are two small plates that were glued together by popsickle sticks and paper feathers to form a turkey... the head being the dessert plate and the body for the main course!
And in keeping with the turkey theme... there were these huge turkey pots in the center filled with gobs of candy corn (which were probably the biggest hit of the party).

We had little bonnets, hats, and pilgrim collars with their names monogrammed on them for all the kiddos... we got them all dressed up for their feast before bringing them into the room. Here's Miss. S modeling hers...And patiently (or not so patiently) waiting to eat...
The main course... the turkey and ham cut into fun little fall shapes (leaves, pumpkins, etc.)
Enjoying the goods with one of his fave pals, Pierce.
And these adorable little cookies that Sailer's friend, Adam's mom made were delicious and too cute!

I'm always thankful for S and L's nana.... but big time thankful today! There's no way I could've handled Mr. L during the party, so he cuddled with is nana instead!

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