NEW MOON... and wild moms out!

Anyone who knows me, probably knows that I have been salivating for this movie release! Seriously, it could not come soon enough for me!! I had planned on doing a Twilight watching party (the idea coming from my friend Kari who knows how to throw a rockin' movie party....insert Julie and Julia), but I just could not get my act together to get it done right! But things turned out even better. I met up with some of my favorite crazy girlfriends who truly know how to have a good time... even in a boring movie theater.

It started here at Brio's for martinis and appetizers...Then, we headed to the Harkins for the double showing of Twilightstarting at 9 and then, heading into the midnight showing of New Moon!!

This picture requires an explanation... um, well, on my way to meet the girls I was about to run out of gas, so I pulled into the nearby gas station to fill up. When I went inside to get some goodies for the movie, I did a double take. There sitting by the counter was a BOX of wine just looking at me. Thanks to my good friend Vicki, I hear about the box of wine frequently, but have never tried it. Well, there's no time like the present. (= I picked one up for the movie... yep, thats right. Sad, I know. Anyway, when we arrived at the theater to get in the never-ending line, we made friends with the manager (see big guy in the back of the group of girls with the goofy grin)... he LOVED us! In fact, he went and got us a tray of "water glasses" aka paper wine goblets for the movie. Too fun!!
Here with our water cups...
And of course, wherever there's alcohol, the splits are always present with this!Between showings, Tine and my "new BFF" (that's what I lovingly call her... or "Splits" for short) headed to Starbucks to get some wake up juice.
Which was then perfected with the Bailey's that was snuck in... are you seeing a theme here?
This is the picture post Twilight, heading into NEW MOON!
Seriously this was one of the best nights.... Edward, good friends, fun prohibition treats, etc. Can't wait for the 3rd installment!!! There will definitely be a repeat of his night (V, you may want to join the "fun cougars" this time around.... (= )


mademoisellechitchat said...

Honey, I would love to trade places with you for one day! ;) You seem to have so much fun.

The babies are adorable; if I had a little girl, trust me, she would be as decked out as Sailer.

I've updated my blog header. You know that I love me some hats. ;)

Happy 2010! Make yours sparkle!



marion said...

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