22 Nov ~ Barbies and Shotgun Shells

Well, we thought our sweet friends, the Greers, were heading this way the weekend following Thanksiving... my usual Christmas decorating crazy days.... so I decided to tackle the job pre-Thanksgiving. I know, I know.... gasp. Anyway, I always like to do it clad in Christmas flair, with festive music and maybe a celebratory cocktail for creative mojo just for good measure! It makes me in SUCH a good mood.

Even Lincoln was doing flips because he was so excited... lol!

Ever since Sailer was a baby, I have put up this super fun pink tree in her nursery which we proceeded to decorate with her 3 decades of signature Barbie ornaments.... they're too die for! I love that this year she actually knows and loves Barbies, so the tree was a complete hit! This was the blank slate, just begging for some pretties...For the second year in a row, Miss. S actually helped me put up and decorate her tree. She LOVES it!! This year she definitely had a definite opinion regarding where ornaments should be placed.
A collection of her vintage barbie ornaments...apparently having a party of their own.
My little princess.... once upon a time, this was mine... lol. Ohhh, the good ole days. (= Just kidding... I am honestly one of those people that think life just keeps getting better. Those definitely were good days in my life, but my life now... the days are GREAT!
After awhile of me just decorating, my "little elf" decided to rejoin me to help with the final touches!

A few sweet shots of my top design elf in action.

And on to my second-in-command showing off his new tree.... complete with all boy ornaments including the super fun shotgun shell lights.

Sweet boy in your cowboy Santa pjs...

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